Adaptogenic Mushroom Chai Blend
Adaptogenic Mushroom Chai Blend

Adaptogenic Mushroom Chai Blend


Xalish Medicines

Fountain of Youth Adaptogenic Mushroom Chai is a potent Elixir made of Roots + Spice + Medicinal Mushrooms. For folks who are feeling tired, burnt out, worn down or who want to prevent this state. A blend that is nourishing, energizing, building & so so delicious. Supportive for folks with physical or mental stressors that begin to take a toll on the Body + Mind + Spirit.

Maca, Fo-Ti & Eleutherococcus combine for an Elixir that will leave you with more vitality & energy for your Life. Reishi + Cordyceps are our auspicious fungi friends that connect us back in to Source, to the Web of Life. Nourishing our bodies from the Earth, and connecting us to the Consciousness of the Land. Especially supportive for our essence, or vital force. This Elixir is perfect for someone who has prolonged mental, physical or spiritual stress and is feeling deficient.

Building. Immune Balancing. Supporting. Connecting. Energizing. Grounding. Calming.

Directions: Mix 1-1.5tsp of Fountain of Youth with your favourite non-dairy milk. Warm to desired temperature & blend to incorporate. Also delicious iced - just blend and serve over ice. Suitable to work with daily as an afternoon coffee substitute.

Ingredients: Maca, Eleutheroccocus, Fo-Ti, Cordyceps, Reishi, Cinnamon, Ginger, Allpice, Clove, Cardamom, Nutmeg, White Pepper