Our Story

Our founder, Laura, has always had a deep & potent connection to our planet. The trees her friends, the waters her mentors and mountains her teachers. She held these beings in such reverence that she decided to live her life in a way that considered them first; a lifestyle of sustainability. A long journey ensued, constantly finding herself in search of education, guidelines, & quality resources for learning. She found this information for the most part inaccessible, as most online sources were either inconsistent, unapproachable or too expensive. Traditional knowings of livelihood were out of reach and it felt unfair. And so ecology was born, to bring accessible information around sustainable lifestyles to the masses. 

Laura created this platform as a way of bringing traditional knowings into the hands of modern people, helping them lead earth-centered lives. Ecology aims to give readers the tools to empower themselves and our planet, providing the building blocks for a simple, sustainable and natural lifestyle. We recall the traditional ways of living that have been lost in the modern era, using age-old practices to build a better future. From growing your own food, to dyeing your own clothing, to healing with herbs - we're here to offer you practical and easy-to-use information to shift your lifestyle from consumer-based to earth-focused. 

We're glad you're here. Let the journey begin.